The Southampton Village Ocean Rescue (SVOR) has come together in full force as of April, 2018. Our mission is to respond to all emergencies in the ocean and bay, throughout the Village of Southampton, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Modeled after East Hampton Volunteer Ocean Rescue, long-standing and proven to be effective; SVOR is purely a volunteer non-profit organization that has been founded based on need.  


SVOR is dedicated to making expedient and safe water rescues year-round at all unprotected beaches in Southampton Village. Each month, we train in different locations coordinating with multiple emergency agencies, to be prepared for any aquatic emergency. Our rescuers are ocean lifeguard and CPR certified. We are devoted to safeguarding swimmers in open water events, triathlons as well as other water related charitable functions in the Village of Southampton.  

Our members promote water safety and education; thereby assisting Southampton Village in providing skills for youths that will prevent future drownings. SVOR plans to facilitates training and testing lifeguards in Southampton. We will also train junior lifeguards, from the ages of 11 to 14; and hope in the future to have a Nipper program for ages 6-11. SVOR plans to conduct classes to educate nannies in water safety before the summer months. SVOR plans to run educational press releases for Beach Safety Week on the dangers of rip currents and plans to install Rip Current signs at all the Village ocean beach access points.

SVOR is Here to Save Lives!

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever           ____Jacques Cousteau



Swim Near a Lifeguard!

Obey Posted Signs and Flags!

Keep the Beach and Water Clean!

Learn Rip Current Safety!


Southampton  Village Ocean Rescue 


Southampton Village Ocean Rescue Needs Your Contributions!


Southampton Village Deserves To Have Ocean Rescue!

Summer Ready!
July 4th Parade 2021 -  Alex
July 4th Parade  2021 - Christine & Alexandra
July 4th Parade 2021 - Vinny & Chief Nick in the Driver's Seat
Polar Bear Plunge 2020
Mitti killing it on the Lifeguard Test 2020!
SVOR Lifeguard Test 2020!
SVOR We Train Hard!
SVOR Lifeguard Test 2020
Ann Welker Swimming Like a Demon - SVOR Lifeguard Test 2020!
Southampton Village Ocean Rescue - We Save Lives!
Southampton Village Ocean Rescue - We Save Lives!
SVOR is Ready For Summer!
Southampton Village Ocean Rescue - We Sa
Southampton Village Ocean Rescue - We Save Lives!
Southampton Village Ocean Rescue - We Save Lives!
Southampton Village Ocean Rescue - We Train Hard!!
SVOR Dives Right In!
Polar Bear Plunge 2019
Southampton Village Ocean Rescue - We Save Lives!
SVOR Training! Gearing Up For Summer
Mitti -SVOR Rescue Swimmer
SVOR Polar Bear Plunge 2018
Mitti & Christine - Rescue Swimmers
SVOR Polar Bear Plunge 2018
Southampton Village Ocean Rescue
Southampton Lifeguard Certification
Southampton Volunteer Ocean Rescue
Southampton Lifeguards Cerification
Southampton Lifeguards Certification
Southampton Village Ocean Rescue
Covid-19 Precautionary Measures

Southampton Village Ocean Rescue (SVOR) is working with the Town and Village Lifeguard Agencies, Police and Fire Departments who have adapted new protocols when rescuing victims and contacting medical aids. We are committed and will continue to stay informed as new information becomes available. We will revise rescue techniques as necessary to protect both the victim and rescuer.


We are aware of the new United States Lifesaving Association (USLA) precautions regarding Covid-19. 

We will remain on-call to protect all

Southampton Village Beaches!

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