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Southampton Village Lifeguard Programs

Lifeguard Training & Swimming

Every Tuesday & Thursday


at Coopers Beach

throughout the Summer

No Cost!

*You do not need to be a member to train or swim with us

but please fill out an SVOR application

2022 Lifeguard Training Course
Courses Include: Introduction and organization, injury prevention, rules and regulations, emergency planning, first aid, practical skills, and a written test. The surf course includes an additional 8 hours of training on special conditions of ocean lifeguarding. (Both these courses have been approved by the New York State Health Department as meeting the state’s guidelines for lifeguard training.)
Age: Anyone age 16 or over who wishes to work as a lifeguard. Above average swimming ability and physical condition required. Any individual who has not completed a state-approved lifeguard training program, as well as anyone whose previous certification has been expired for more than 12 months, must complete a full course in order to be certified to work as a lifeguard in Suffolk County.
Fee: Residents $200 Non-Residents $250
Place: Hampton Bays Community Center, 25 Ponquogue Ave.  & at beach locations.
Students will be given schedule at first class.
CPR: CPR training & testing must be completed in addition to either course.
You must register separately for CPR and space is limited. We suggest you register for CPR when you register for lifeguard training.
2022 Lifeguard & CPR Training Dates
  • Session 1:       Thursday, May 12        Hampton Bays Community Center           6-9:00pm
  • Session 2:       Tuesday, May 17          St. Joseph’s Danzi Center                             7-9:00pm
  • Session 3:       Wednesday May 18    St. Joseph’s Danzi Center                            7-8:30pm
  • Session 4:       Friday May 20                St. Joseph’s Danzi Center                             7-8:30pm
  • Session 5:       Monday May 23            St. Joseph’s Danzi Center                             6-8:30pm
  • Session 6:       Tuesday May 24           Hampton Bays Community Center           6-9:00pm
  • Session 7:       Wednesday May 25    St. Joseph’s Danzi Center                             7-8:30pm
  • Session 8:       Tuesday May 31           St. Joseph’s Danzi Center                              6-9:00pm
  • Session 9:       Wednesday June 1      Hampton Bays Community Center          6-9:00pm
  • Session 10:    Monday June 6              Ponquogue Beach, HB                                   5-7:00pm
  • Session 11:    Tuesday June 7              Ponquogue Beach, HB                                  5-7:00pm
  • Session 12:    Wednesday June 8       Ponquogue Beach, HB                                  5-7:00pm
  • Session 13:    Thursday June 9            Ponquogue Beach, HB                                  5-7:00pm 
  • Session 14:    Friday June 10                 Ponquogue Beach, HB                                  5-7:00pm
  • Session 15:    Monday June 13             Ponquogue Beach, HB                                  5-7:00pm
  • Session 16:    Tuesday June 14            Ponquogue Beach, HB                                   5-7:00pm
  • Session 17:    Wednesday June 15     Hampton Bays Community Center           6-8:00pm
  • Session 18:    Thursday June 16          Ponquogue Beach, HB                                    5-7:00pm
Stillwater participants attend sessions 1-9 to meet test requirements.
Surf participants attend sessions 1-18 to meet test requirements.
Lifeguard C.P.R. Training
CPR : residents- $90/ non-residents - $110.
As the Town recognizes the need for lifeguards other than our own to become C.P.R. certified at this time of year, a limited number of spaces will be made available in these courses to lifeguards who do not work for the Town of Southampton. Course includes training in the use of AEDs.
You must attend all 3 nights.                    HB Community Center, Main Dining Hall    6-9:00pm
Required Classes (Must attend all 3 in your session)
  • Session 1:         May 2, May 4 and May 6
  • Session 2:         May 9, May 11, and May 1
All individuals registering for our Spring Lifeguard Course must sign up for one of the FULL CPR courses listed above - unless you have recently been certified in CPR and AED training for the adult, child, and infant, as well as choking instruction.
You must attend all 3 nights.                      HB Community Center, Main Dining Hall    6-9:00pm
Required Classes (Must attend all 3 in the session)
  • Session 1:         July 6, July 8, and July 11
SESSION            Date                        Location                                Time
TEST #1        Thursday June 2      
TEST #2         Friday June 3           
TEST #1:      Saturday June 18   
TEST #2:      Monday June 27      
St. Joseph’s Danzi Center                   7-9:00pm
Ponquogue Beach, HB                          8:00am
Ponquogue Beach, HB                          8:00am
St. Joseph’s Danzi Center                   7-9:00pm

East Hampton Town 
Lifeguard Program Descriptions

Lifeguard Trainee Course

Skills & Conditioning in preparation for the Lifeguard Program. You do not have to be a good swimmer to take this course. Your swimming will improve each week.

Lifeguard Skills & Conditioning Training - YMCA - 3/6-4/10

Lifeguard Stillwater Certification

This forty-hour course is a New York State approved Lifeguard Stillwater Certification class (level II b) for ages15 years and older who are looking to work as bay, lake, or pool lifeguards. The primary purpose of this practical course is to teach the skills needed to prevent drownings and to respond effectively to aquatic emergencies. 

Lifeguard Stillwater Certification Course - Y & Alberts Landing Bay Beach - 4/17-6/16

Ocean Lifeguard Certification Course

This forty-hour Suffolk County,  New York–approved ocean lifeguard certification class (surf level I) for ages 16 years and older is designed for those are looking to work as ocean lifeguards. The primary purpose of this practical course is to teach skills needed to prevent drownings and to respond effectively to aquatic emergencies that occur at ocean beaches. Individuals will learn rescue techniques necessary to save swimmers in distress in various conditions associated with the ever changing ocean currents.

Spring Ocean Lifeguard Certification Course - Maidstone Club Ocean & Pool - 5/31 - 6/14

Summer Ocean Lifeguard Certification Course - Indian Wells - 6/20 - 7/27 

* Due to COVID restrictions, some programs may not be held or may be modified.

All Covid Protols Will Be Strictly Adhered To

Due to Covid  All Programs Have Been Appropriately Modified  

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