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The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul         ____Robert Wyland



Southampton Village Ocean Rescue

at Coopers Beach





Saturday June 25th -  9:30 AM Pretest / Evaluation 

Junior Lifeguard

Lifesaving Program 

at SYS (Southampton Youth Services) Pool*

1370A Majors Path, Southampton

(*see Pretest Skills Required below)

Ages 11-14

Saturdays July 9, 16, 23, 30 & August 6 (test)

8:30 -10:30 AM at Coopers Beach

Ages 9-10

Saturdays July 9, 16, 23, 30 & August 6 (test)

10:15-11:00 AM at Coopers Beach

This course will help build skills, knowledge and attitudes for future lifeguards. The goal of this program is to introduce participants to lifesaving skills in and around the ocean.

The following skills will be taught:

● Ocean Swimming
● Beach Run
● Flag Colors/Meaning
● Current and Riptide Education
● Swimming with a Rescue Tube/Torpedo
● Beach Agility Course
● Introduction to First Aid and CPR

*Pretest Skills Required to Qualify for the Program:

  • 100 yd Swim (4 laps in the pool - continuously)

  • Tread Water for 5 mins

  • Retrieve a Brick from Bottom of Pool

COST: $125 (ages 11-14)

            $150 (ages 9 -10)

 checks made payable to Southampton Village

to be brought the day of the Pretest - June 25th

To Enroll in the Southampton Junior Lifeguard Program

For More Information Please Contact:

Christine Brennan

SVOR Junior Lifeguard Program Director

East Hampton Town 
Lifeguard Program Descriptions

Nipper Guards

The Nipper Guard Program is a a more basic version of the Junior Lifeguard Program. The program introduces  6 to 8 year old children to open water safety and awareness. 

Nipper Guard Program -

East Lake Bay Beach - 6/29-8/3

YMCA - 5/8-6/12

Spring Junior Lifeguard Training, Evaluation & Testing Program 

The Spring Junior Lifeguard Program is for ages 9-15. It is preparation for the Summer Junior Lifeguard Program. New Junior Lifeguards must take this training. Returning Junior Lifeguards must pass the swim test.

Spring Junior Lifeguard Program - YMCA - 3/5-6/19

Summer Junior Lifeguards

The Junior Lifeguard Program trains ages 9 to 14 in water safety and ocean awareness. Individuals will build open water swimming skills, gain confidence entering and exiting the ocean and learn rescue techniques needed to become a future lifeguard. Junior Lifeguards also have the opportunity to compete at local, regional and national competitions. 

Summer Junior Lifeguard Program - Main Beach - 6/25-8/7

Summer Junior Lifeguard Program - Indian Wells, Atlantic Beach & Kirk Park - 6/25-8/7

Lifeguard Cadets

The Lifeguard Cadet course is uniquely designed for 15 and 16-year-olds who have graduated from the Junior Lifeguard Program. This class promotes beach safety and awareness, trains individuals to become future ocean lifeguards, and encourages the pursuit of lifeguard certifications upon turning 16.

Junior Lifeguard Cadet Program - Atlantic Ave Beach - 6/25-8/2

Lifeguard Stillwater Certification

This forty-hour course is a New York State approved Lifeguard Stillwater Certification class (level II b) for ages15 years and older who are looking to work as bay, lake, or pool lifeguards. The primary purpose of this practical course is to teach the skills needed to prevent drownings and to respond effectively to aquatic emergencies. 

Lifeguard Stillwater Certification Course - Y & Alberts Landing Bay Beach - 4/17-6/16

Ocean Lifeguard Certification Course

This forty-hour Suffolk County,  New York–approved ocean lifeguard certification class (surf level I) for ages 16 years and older is designed for those are looking to work as ocean lifeguards. The primary purpose of this practical course is to teach skills needed to prevent drownings and to respond effectively to aquatic emergencies that occur at ocean beaches. Individuals will learn rescue techniques necessary to save swimmers in distress in various conditions associated with the ever changing ocean currents.

Spring Ocean Lifeguard Certification Course - Maidstone Club Ocean & Pool - 5/31 - 6/14

Summer Ocean Lifeguard Certification Course - Indian Wells - 6/20 - 7/27

* Due to COVID restrictions, some programs may not be held or may be modified.

All Covid Protols Will Be Strictly Adhered To

Due to Covid  All Programs Have Been Appropriately Modified  

Please click on the links below for details

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